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Arctic Sun places emphasis on a holistic, complete view of a building and its systems. The most successful buildings combine energy efficiency measures, high performance materials and an informed, smart use of renewable energy resources. At Arctic Sun, we strive to push the envelope and be Alaska's leaders in both renewable energy and ultra-efficient, high-performance building products.

Specific Services Offered by Arctic Sun


Renewable Energy System Design and Installation

Arctic Sun offers on- and off-grid solar electric, solar thermal, and wind energy systems for residential and commercial applications. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality, most reliable products available. At Arctic Sun, under-performance is not an option.

System Diagnostics, Repair and Maintenance Services

Whatever your existing equipment may be, Arctic Sun can lend an experienced hand in diagnosing problems orproviding solutions to get your system up & running to its peak performance.

Retail Showroom in Fairbanks, Alaska

Arctic Sun stocks a wide range of renewable energy components in addition to our line of high-performance and ultra-efficient building products. Our knowledgeable staff is here to inform and serve you.

Full-Service Retail Webstore

From complete, pre-wired kits to the smallest components, Arctic Sun can get the parts you need to anywhere within our great state or beyond, without you having to leave your office.

Educational Presentations

Being on the cutting edge, the staff at Arctic Sun is in high demand to present our research and findings.  As time allows, we are always happy to help inform and educate regarding possibilities and solutions.

Feasibility Studies

Investing in a renewable energy system can carry a substantial upfront cost. Arctic Sun can help you understand the possibilities and make the most informed decision, utilizing state-of-the-art site assessment tools and techniques.

System Commissioning and Re-commissioning

Proper system commissioning ensures you receive the maximum benefits from a renewable energy system or component. Arctic Sun employs the correct tools and procedures to guarantee proper system functionality and performance.

Research and Development

Though many renewable energy systems are mature field-proven technologies, new advances are constantly being made, and Arctic Sun is on the cutting edge. Current projects include advanced, ultra-efficient door and window shutter design.

Complete Home Design and Construction

As part of the REINA family of companies, Arctic Sun can be a part of your home design from the first day, ensuring that all of your building's systems work together to their maximum potential.