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Product Brands & Manufacturers

Heat Recovery Ventilation


Zehnder - Ultra high efficiency heat recovery ventilation systems from Europe, offering an array of sizes for many applications, and a unique, elegent and labor saving air distribution system.

Specialty Building Products


Siga - Specialty, high-performance membranes and sealing tapes for creating air tight barriers in construction.


Aeroflex USA Inc. - USA based manufacturer of quality, high performance, high temp EPDM pipe insulation products.

Solar PV Panels


SolarWorld - As the largest solar manufacturer on U.S. soil, SolarWorld is uniquely recognized as America’s solar leader. While other companies look overseas to lower costs, SolarWorld methodically and meticulously carries out the manufacturing process on U.S. soil—from sourcing and manufacturing to assembling and hiring.


Sharp Solar - Industry leader in quality solar module manufacturing, with primary U.S. production facility in Memphis, TN.


Canadian Solar - One of the world's largest manufacturers of PV modules. Founded in Ontario, Canada in 2001, Canadian Solar now operates in nine countries across three continents.

Solar Thermal Equipment


SunEarth Inc. - Since 1978, SunEarth has designed and built industry-leading solar hot water collectors, components and packaged systems. Every SunEarth product is constructed to exacting standards with the world’s harshest climates and environmental conditions in mind.


RESOL - With engineering experience dating to 1977, the RESOL product range includes a range of high-class solar thermal and heating controllers as well as a broad variety of accessories for the efficient use of energy.


SolarSkies - Located in Alexandria, MN, Solar Skies Mfg., LLC was established in 2006 to manufacture solar thermal collectors for commercial and residential use.

Solar Inverters


Solectria Renewables - U.S.A. based manufacturers of grid-tie inverters for residential, commercial and utility scale solar installations. Manufacturing facilities are located in Lawrence, MA.


SMA - SMA has an extensive range of products, offering inverters for all module types and array sizes; for small residential systems as well as large scale plants, grid-connected installations as well as stand-alone and backup systems all over the world.


Enphase Energy - Manufacturer of the first widely deployed 'micro-inverter' technology, allowing for increased flexibility in design and innovative, robust monitoring capability.

Wind Turbines


Ventera Wind - US based maker of the VT10 wind turbine. Configurable for on- and off- grid applications. Arctic Sun is Alaska's only certified Ventera dealer.


Primus Windpower - Manufacturer of the Air series of small wind turbines, the industry leader in small turbines for off-grid applications.

Off-Grid Equipment and Charge Controllers


OutBack Power - Manufacturer of on- and off-grid inverter/chargers, solar charge controllers and power distribution equipment. OutBack's primary headquarters are located in Arlington, WA.


Magnum Energy - Manufacturers of inverters and inverter/chargers for home and mobile applications, based in Everett, WA.


MidNite Solar - Industry leader in a wide range of creative solar products, including MPPT charge controllers, power distribution equipment, solar combiner boxes, lightning arrestors and battery enclosures. MidNite Solar proudly manufacturs their products in Washington state.


Morningstar Corporation - Manufacturers of a wide range of solar charge controllers, covering the smallest, single module installations through large, MPPT controlled arrays.

Monitoring Equipment and Controls


eGauge - eGauge Systems LLC is a leading provider of affordable whole-house and renewable energy monitoring solutions.


APRS World - APRS World, LLC is a small specialty manufacturer that specializes in data logging and control equipment primarily for the renewable energy industry.


Bogart Engineering - Developer of the TriMetric and PentaMetric battery monitoring systems.

Batteries & Accessories


HuP Solar One - An undisptuted leader in high quality and reliability, Solar One batteries with HuP technology offer long life, reliable service, and the best warranty currently in the industry.


Trojan Battery Company - With over 85 years of experience, Trojan Battery Company is one of the world's leading manufacturer of advanced deep-cycle battery technology. Arctic Sun carries the full Renewable Energy line, as well as the new large cell industrial line.


Sun Xtender Battery - Deep cycle unique high density plate technology provides superior reliability, power & extended cycle life.

Solar Mounting & Racking


DPW Solar - DPW Solar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Preformed Line Products, is a designer, manufacturer, integrator and supplier of high quality photovoltaic racks, enclosures and energy systems.


Quick Mount PV - Industry standard in affordable, code-compliant, warranty-maintaining, waterproof roofing attachments.


Unirac - The long standing standard in solar mounting products.

Other Solar Accessories


Aztec Washer Company - Family owned and operated company with a wide range of specialty products for the solar industry.


Wieland Electric - Manufacturer of top-quality solar electrical connectors and accessories.


Cobra Wire & Cable, Inc. - UL Listed, National Electrical Code compliant, ultra-fine stranded cables for battery wiring and other applications where flexibility is a must.