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Sustainable Energy Summer Education Series

Arctic Sun invites you to join us this summer for a series of educational seminars on topics related to sustainable and renewable energy. Presenters include: Arctic Sun's CEO Thorsten Chlupp, General Manager Karl Kassel, and Project Manager & certified NABCEP Installer Nathan Stumpff. We hope you’ll join us for these informative—and relaxing—evenings.

Affordable Energy Now: Options, Economics, Financing

June 25, 2013
6:30PM - 8PM

This seminar provides an overview of types of renewable energy readily available here in the Far North. Arctic Sun’s General Manager Karl Kassel addresses each energy source and provides the low-down on costs—past and present. Renewable energy is becoming more affordable every day as equipment costs come down and new, dynamic financing options are identified. Join Arctic Sun for insights into sustainable and affordable energy—today.

Myth-Busting Solar Thermal: Smart Design, Reliable Energy

July 16, 2013
6PM -7:30PM

Energy from the sun may be captured, stored and used in a variety of heating and cooling applications, most commonly to provide hot water for domestic use. Solar thermal is a very promising and exciting energy solution for Alaskans—and it’s not as expensive or complex as it may seem. Arctic Sun’s CEO Thorsten Chlupp and Project Manager Nathan Stumpff de-mystify the solar thermal puzzle to reveal design options, best practices and pitfalls to avoid. Join us and learn why solar thermal can be an excellent renewable energy source—even here in Alaska.

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Off-Grid Power: Energy Solutions for the Last Frontier

August 27, 2013
6PM - 7:30PM

We Alaskans enjoy a healthy, rural lifestyle living both on and off the grid. Wouldn’t you like to know how you can have reliable light and electricity, anywhere in Alaska, during our long winter days—and without having to run that loud and fossil-fuel-consuming generator that is sure to scare away the local wildlife? Arctic Sun’s CEO Thorsten Chlupp and Project Manager Nathan Stumpff share tips and tricks for developing a system for your remote cabin or off-grid home. Join us and learn how to power up your Bush lifestyle.

Passive Solar: Your Natural Solution Now

September 24, 2013
6PM - 7:30PM

Passive solar may be the ultimate energy source, and was civilization's first designed use of any renewable energy. It refers to utilizing the sun’s energy without any mechanical systems or equipment involved—and, it is the only renewable energy that is truly free. There is no equipment to install or maintain, no moving parts to wear out or repair, and zero operational costs. Most people are familiar with the basic concept of south facing windows allowing sunshine to enter a house for light and warmth, but there is so much more to the concept and that you can do to increase your home’s solar gain. Arctic Sun’s General Manager Karl Kassel explores passive solar concepts and shares knowledge from his own passive solar building experiences. Join Arctic Sun for this informative evening on your natural energy solution.

All seminars will be held at The Blue Loon, 2999 Parks Highway, Fairbanks, Alaska.
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