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Our work has been featured in several articles and magazines highlighting our pioneering approach to Zero Energy and Passive House construction in our extreme climate. Please keep in mind that some of the articles are from third parties and contain some technical discrepancies.

Cold Climate Housing Research Center 2013

Subarctic Passive House Case Study:
A Superinsulated Foundation &
Vapor Diffusion-Open Walls

By Bruno Grunau, PE

This is an independent study of the passive solar home built by REINA’s Owner/Builder Thorsten Chlupp. The Cold Climate Housing Research Center monitored the performance this superinsulated home that features innovative, high-efficiency building and mechanical systems, and has a super-insulated foundation, integrated heat storage system, and an open wall design—without a traditional vapor barrier—allowing vapor to diffuse through the wall. Sensors were placed in the wall to record temperature, relative humidity, and moisture accumulation in the walls for 13 months. Thorsten’s home demonstrates that buildings in subarctic climates can perform well without traditional heating systems, and it presents an innovative alternative for high-efficiency construction. To read the full Subarctic Passive House Case Study, click here. Or, to read more about Thorsten Chlupp’s Passiv Haus certified home, click on REINA’s Innovative Building Projects web page.


Alaska Home Magazine 2011

Living Off the Grid & Outside the Box

Alaska Home Magazine published an Article in the fall of 2011 about the Sunset Roost Home (built in 2009): Sunset Roost Home - Living off the grid and outside the box


JLC Magazine 2009

Installing Exterior Insulation in Cold Climates

An Article about the REMOTE wall system which Thorsten Chlupp published in the 2009 in the Journal of Light Construction magazine. Installing Exterior Insulation in Cold Climates

More up-to-date information about this wall system can be found at REMOTE: A Manual - Cold Climate Housing Research Center


Fairbanks Daily Newsminer 2011

Solar Solution
The Heat of Winter

In the Spring of 2011, the local newspaper featured two front-page articles regarding our projects.  Read these articles online here: The SunRise Home, and 2nd part The Sunset Roost Home.


Alaska Building Science News 2011

Great Home Ideas for Our Times

This is a joint quarterly publication of ABSN and the Cooperative Extension Service developed and printed with support from the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) - featuring the SunRise and Sunset Roost homes. Download Newsletterakbldgscience.jpg

Green Building Advisor 2011

A PassivHaus Design for Alaska's Frigid Climate

This article was published by Green Building Advisor highlighting the SunRise Home. Note that the editor never contacted us for technical clarification of their figures. GBA: A Passivhaus Design for Alaska’s Frigid Climate

More and better information can be found in the evolving discussion about the project at the GBA forum: The SunRise Home.