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Arctic Sun is active in educating the public in many aspects of sustainability and alternative energy. In this section we have compiled basic information concerning renewable energy with links to more detailed material on our site and elsewhere.

The Heat of Winter

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in the renewable energy field is educating the public about the possibilities. Most folks have not spent weeks, months, or years studying how solar and wind energy resources work. It is hard to understand how, in Fairbanks or North Pole, Alaska with little to no sun during the winter, you can take advantage of this source of power.

Well, that is where these pages come in. Hopefully, it contains all you want to know about solar and wind energy but were afraid to ask... or didn't know you could! The most common question in December is "What Sun?" However, as you will discover, even with the limited winter sunlight, solar energy CAN work!  Start by checking out Arctic Sun's Renewable 101 page for a comprehensive look at how these resources function and perform.  Browse through our other pages for specifics on economics, articles and presentations by Arctic Sun staff, book reviews, links, and more.

We hope you find this material helpful. We welcome and encourage you to call us anytime with further questions.

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