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About Us

Arctic Sun was born of the frustration over the ever-increasing cost of energy, and the lack of proactive development in solutions that will allow us to prosper in the North. We are at a crossroads, and the status quo can no longer continue without dire consequences. With skyrocketing energy costs, most of us struggle to cope with the high cost of conventional energy, and many will simply not be able to afford living in their homes when the cost of living exceeds their income. It is Arctic Sun’s belief that highly efficient buildings and renewable energies are today’s necessities for a prosperous and healthful tomorrow.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Arctic Sun to be Alaska’s headquarters for everything related to renewable energy systems and building efficiency. We pride ourselves with providing premier quality, cutting-edge technology installed to the highest standard. Arctic Sun’s previously completed projects demonstrate the cost effectiveness, reliability and improved comfortable living provided by sustainable construction. The growing trend in Fairbanks is to look more closely at a structure’s energy consumption, cost, and environmental footprint. Arctic Sun provides what the public is increasingly demanding: the tools necessary to evolve into a more affordable, efficient and sustainable lifestyle.